ARMA3 Server Exile Mod Installation - Anleitung

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1. Make sure autoupdates are disabled

2. Never ever run a manually serverupdate in, because it will overwrite your exile mod installation and could destroy savegame data

Installation of Exile Mod

Import database

1. Create a free database and save login credentials

2. Enter your database login credentials into \@ExileServerextdb-conf.ini file in line 68 - 71 and save file

You need: IP of mysql-host, Database-Name, Username of Database, Password of Databaseuser

(Everything can be found at in gameserver control section)

3. Open an ftp-connection (Filezilla Client, WinSCP or any other ftp-client needed) by connecting with your gameservers ftp login credentials

4. Download with ftp-client exile.sql file from gameserver\database-import by ftp (filezilla, winscp, ... needed) to your local computer and save it to any place, which you can keep easily in mind

5. Login to PHPMYADMIN Frontend, using login-credentials for database created before, and choose "Import / Importieren" inside phpmyadmin

6. Untickle option "Fremdschlüsselüberprüfung aktivieren" / "Enable foreign key checking"

7. Choose the exile.sql file, which you downloaded 3 steps earlier

8. Press "OK" and start the import. You should see on left side of phpmyadmin that some tables were created

9. Finaly open server.cfg by using our file editor inside or by using ftp connection

10. Search file for existing linkes like "template =" and delete them (We recommend creating backups of file first!)

11. Enter a new linke called "template = Exile.Altis;"

12. Save server.cfg file

13. Finaly add the following to your individual startparameter in interface


14. Start your server and have fun with exile mod!